What is the Soul?

by Desmond Langton


God has imbued us all with souls that enable us to know him personally and love him more deeply than any other creature can and yet- we still have so much more to discover.

Do you have questions about what it means to have a soul? Find the answer to man’s greatest question and discover the life you were always meant to live. Do you wonder who or what your soul truly is? Are your questions about the soul bound up in questions of faith? Has everything you’ve read on the matter fallen flat? Discover the answers to your deepest questions in Desmond Langton’s insightful book ?What is the Soul? After significant study and careful consideration, Langton has found a unique and life-changing perspective on the soul and what it means for our human connection to God. The result is a ground-breaking reflection on spirituality that answers your most pressing questions. In What Is the Soul? you’ll discover: – Where to find God in any circumstance- How gender identity and sexual orientation impact spirituality – What the ancient scriptures mean for us today- God’s plan for each of us – Where to find true salvation, and much, much more! If you consider yourself a spiritual person, What Is the Soul? is an extraordinary new work that belongs in your home. If you like thought-provoking discussions, relatable theology, and new perspectives on ancient scripture, then you’ll love Desmond Langton’s life-changing book. Buy this guide to change the way you understand the world today!

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