About the Book

What is the Soul?

Desmond Langton

Humans are not just another species of animal. Though we share many motivations and instincts with the beasts of the earth, our grasp of the universe is rich and complex. God has imbued us all with souls that enable us to know him personally and love him more deeply than any other creature can—yet, we still have so much more to discover.
What Is the Soul? is an extraordinary work of religious scholarship that seeks to answer the title question. Author Desmond Langton postulates that the soul isn’t merely “mind, will, and emotions”—rather, it possesses complex dimensions that give humanity spiritual depth. Here are some of what you will find in this book:

  • An exploration of the soul as mentioned in scripture
  • An explanation of the relationship between gender identity, sexual orientation, and the soul
  • Detailed analyses of the seven types of souls
  • Interpretations of the soul from the world’s major religions

Your soul is God’s gift to humanity that died when Adam sinned—by better understanding the soul, you can better understand God’s intentions for humanity. And by accepting Christ as your savior, you can redeem your soul and spend eternity with Christ, in heaven.

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